Rehearsal Room 1

Rehearsal room 1 features wooden floors, mirrors, natural brickwork, skylights and external and internal double door access.

Shower facilities, toilets, production offices, make up and dressing rooms and Stage 15 are located close by.

Rehearsal room 1 is suitable for:

  • Dance
  • Small theatre productions
  • Auditions
  • TV and feature rehearsals
  • Script read throughs
  • Production meetings
  • Director one-on-ones
  • Break out rooms
  • Conferences
  • Corporate away days

Credits include:

  • Punchdrunk: The Drowned Man
  • Fish Tank
  • Lesbian Vampire Killers
  • Stand Up To Cancer
  • Barnum


Length: 35’9” 10.9m
Width: 21’4” 6.5m
Height: 11’0” 3.38m
Area: 767.5 sq. ft. 71.3 sq. m

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“…Artists enjoy 3 Mills very much as they can see they’ve have got the space and facilities to work in the very best possible way”

Raymond Gubbay, producer, Raymond Gubbay Limited (Opera)