We have 9 filming stages and 2 theatrical rehearsal stages ranging from 3,200 sq. ft. to 13,500 sq. ft.

All stages are dry hire and are equipped with 3-phase power, house lights, gas, heating and allocated unit parking bays. Utilities, cleaning, internet and telephone calls incur additional costs.

Offices, green rooms, prop stores, construction workshops and make up and dressing rooms are all close by and there are over 200 additional parking bays on site.

Productions are able to negotiate deals with their preferred suppliers as our stages do not come equipped with gantries, lights, rigging, cameras etc.

We also have on-site companies who can assist with production needs such as casting, camera hire, cycs, blue and green screens and rigging.


Stage 1

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Stage 2

Stage 4 0001

Stage 4

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Stage 5

Stage 5 0001

Stage 6

Stage 7 2014 MAIN

Stage 7

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Stage 8

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Stage 9

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Stage 11

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Stage 12

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Stage 15

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“3 Mills Studios is a great studio; the people, the facilities, the resources, the ethos… generally it makes a lot of sense to tap into 3 Mills”

Atif Ghani, producer ILL MANORS